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Sun Fun Festival Return To Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach fans rejoice – the Sun Fun Festival is finally returning to Myrtle Beach after a five-year hiatus.


For anyone unfamiliar, the Sun Fun festival was an annual event that enjoyed an impressive 60-year run in the downtown Myrtle Beach area. The event was a favorite among visitors and locals alike and, for many, marked the true beginning of summer. Many visitors also felt a certain sense of nostalgia about the event and enjoyed sharing memories that they experienced as a child with their own children and grandchildren.


Changes to the downtown area and scheduling conflicts eventually led to the decision to end the festival in 2011, to the disappointment of many. One of the most popular questions that our resorts get is “When is the Sun Fun Festival going to come back?” – and we finally have our answer!


The festival is officially scheduled for June 3rd – 5th in the same historic downtown Myrtle Beach spot. The event will run in conjunction with the annual Salt Games already scheduled for that week.


The full event and entertainment lineup has not been announced yet, but we do know that the festival will include:

·      Sun Fun Parade

·      Free shag lessons and shag competitions

·      Kids’ activities

·      Live entertainment via The Castaways, Too Much Sylvia, & more!



Stay tuned for more details about the Sun Fun Festival!



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