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Why Book Direct

Top Reasons to Book Direct With Myrtle Beach Resorts

We guarantee the absolute lowest rates the resort offers through our website…period! Here are the top reasons why you should always book direct:

Lazy River

Current & Accurate Hotel Information

We guarantee the most up to date hotel information on our hotel website. This includes all photography, which is replaced on an ongoing basis to reflect the current state of our resort rooms. 

The Best Room Selection & Location

We proudly offer a variety of room types at our 3 Premier Myrtle Beach Resorts to help families plan the perfect vacation. Not all of our room types are available via other channels. Book direct for the best resort selection. 

Hassle-Free Check In & Online Problem Resolution

Booking direct with Myrtle Beach Resorts ensures a quick and easy check-in process. And, if for any reason, there’s an issue with your booking, you can rest at ease that our staff will go above and beyond to resolve your issue. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever unsatisfied with your stay, please contact us immediately. 

Exclusive Discount Offers & Specials

Myrtle Beach Resorts proudly offers exclusive offers and discounts for guests who book direct. Be sure to check out our Early Book program, offering exclusive deals to guests who book their stay in advance – allowing vacationers to save up to 35%! 

No hidden fees

Booking direct with Myrtle Beach Resorts guarantees no hidden fees. That’s right… no sneaky fees to ruin your day or your vacation. Our pricing is simple and straightforward. 

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