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Month: July 2014


Whether you are a first-timer to the area or are a seasoned beach pro you are sure to know at least a little bit about the Myrtle Beach area. But, how well versed are you with Myrtle Beach trivia? Check out a few of these little known facts and brush up on your Myrtle Beach knowledge:


Fast Facts

  • Myrtle Beach got its name from the wax myrtle trees common to the area. The general Myrtle Beach area is often referred to as the “Grand Strand”.
  • The “Grand Strand” is comprised of a 60-mile stretch that runs from Little River, SC down to Georgetown, SC.
  • Myrtle Beach hosts over 15 million visitors each calendar year with June – August being the busiest months for travel.
  • Myrtle Beach averages an impressive 215 sunny days per year, making it one of the most popular east coast beach destinations.
  • Myrtle Beach’s population jumps from around 30,000 in the “off-season” to over 350,000 during the summer months.
  • The Myrtle Beach area is home to over 1,500 restaurants that serve up everything from Calabash style seafood and low country cuisine to fresh sushi and ethic offerings.
  • Myrtle Beach got its name from the wax myrtle trees common to the area.


Fun Facts

  • Myrtle Beach’s very first hotel was Seaside Inn, built in 1901 for only $3,813 total for materials and labor. The cost of staying was just $2 / night and included three meals.
  • Oceanfront lots were only $25 in 1905. Now, oceanfront lots can run well over $1 Million in some areas. Let’s throwback to those prices for a bit, shall we?
  • Shag, the official state dance of South Carolina, originally hails from the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach. It’s rumored that the “shag” evolved from locals in the 1940’s attempting to do the “jitterbug” but had a little too much to drink and it turned into a slower version with a bit more flare.
  • Sports Illustrated Magazine comes from humble beginnings. This popular sports publication started at the Pine Lakes International Country Club in 1953.
  • Well known Myrtle Beach natives include Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune, Shane Carruth, an award winning director, and Christopher Jones from Forrest Gump.
  • Kings Highway was actually an Indian trail long before European settlers arrived in the area. After colonization, the trail remained a popular route to travel between northern and southern cities.


Do you have any interesting Myrtle Beach facts to add? Let us know!


It wouldn’t be a proper Independence Day celebration without getting your fill of classic American fare and you can rest assured that there are plenty of places in Myrtle Beach to satisfy your palette. Whether you are craving a thick, juicy burger or a perfectly charred steak, you can find a wide array of American classics around the beach – you just have to know where to look! Enjoy our roundup of the top spots to indulge in decadent American fare this July 4th and treat yourself during your beach vacation:


Guests looking for the best burger at the beach won’t have to look any further than River City Café. With an extensive menu full of creative concoctions and several Grand Strand locations, you really don’t have an excuse not to try this bustling burger joint. In the mood to try something new? Try the “nacho crunch burger” which is topped with homemade guacamole, fresh jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, crunchy Doritos, and a spicy chipotle mayo. Or, stick with the tried and true with the “house cheeseburger”, seasoned and grilled to perfection and then dressed to order. With more than 20 signature burgers and the option to create your own, you are sure to satisfy whatever craving you have. Call (843) 448-1990 for the Myrtle Beach location closest to our resorts.


Succulent sizzling steaks can be found at several places in Myrtle Beach but the best chops around are found at Angelo’s Steak & Pasta. This family owned and operated eatery proudly boasts serving over 100,000 steaks a year, meaning they must be doing something right. The chef trips and seasons every chop himself, ensuring quality and optimal flavor. Guests can enjoy juicy cuts like ribeyes or more tender cuts like filets, and everything in between. Chop sizes range from 6oz up to 14oz, making it easy to find the perfect portion and all steaks are served on a sizzling plate to ensure that your steak stays warm through the last bite. The attention to detail and consistency set this steakhouse apart from the rest! Call (843) 626-2800 for more information.


Hotdogs are a true American treat. Whether you enjoy a plain dog lightly grilled or you want it loaded with toppings, Peaches Corner is the place to go to satisfy your craving. Located near the boardwalk in the bustling downtown area of Myrtle Beach, Peaches Corner has been an area staple for over 75 years and shows no sign of slowing down! Enjoy a classic foot-long for only $3.99 or opt for one of their more creative concoctions like “the bruiser” which is a beer battered foot-long wrapped in bacon, fried, and topped with chili, cheese, and onions. Grab a dog (… or two… or three…) and then enjoy the sights and sounds of the scenic boardwalk area. Call (843) 448-7424 for more information.


The top contender for the area’s best barbecue was tough. Though there are several of places that slow smoke their meat and slather it with succulent sauce, no one does it quite like Little Pigs BBQ. This true southern style smokehouse has stood the test of time and has become an area staple for visitors and locals alike. The meats here are fall-off-the-bone tender and the sauces have been carefully crafted and handed down for generations. The menu here is simple, as it should be. Enjoy classics like pulled pork or chicken as a plate or as a sandwich or indulge in a half or full rack of their famous ribs. Little Pigs also has a convenient to-go menu, making feeding a crowd a breeze. Call (843) 692-9774 for more information.

Ice Cream

Find every ice cream variation you could ever dream of at Broadway at the Beach. This popular outdoor venue for attractions and dining is also home to a wide selection of decadent ice cream shops. If luscious mix-ins are your favorite then head to Cold Stone Creamery. This classic shop boasts a wide array of signature flavors and mix-ins, making the flavor combinations almost endless! Watch as the skilled staff mixes your ice cream with the mix-ins by hand on their signature cold stone slabs. Other tempting ice cream shops include Ben & Jerry’s for those in the mood for something extra decadent and Froyos for those in the mood for a health conscious choice.