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Attractions for Thrill Seekers in Myrtle Beach


Thrill seekers of all kinds will find plenty to do in Myrtle Beach. Whether its being propelled 300 feet in the air, or soaring high above the ocean, your vactation is sure to be a thrilling one. 

Sling Shot
Prepare for the adrenaline rush of your life, as you and a friend are propelled more than 300 feet in the air reaching speeds of up to 100 mph! The ride then proceeds to oscillate until you are finally brought back down. Want to watch your reaction? There’s an onboard camera filming it all.  This thrill is located on the corner or 12th Ave N and Ocean Blvd.

Soar 20 stories high on this giant ferris wheel-esque ride. Get in one of the climate-controlled gondolas and prepare for picture perfect views of the ocean and downtown Myrtle Beach. Even the outside is a sight to see, covered in LED lights it puts on a breathtaking show. The SkyWheel is located on the boardwalk next to Landshark Bar and Grill.

Family Kingdom
Family Kingdom was thrills fit for the whole family. With over 35 rides including roller coasters, there is no shortage of fun here. Soar in a pirate ship as the Galleon takes up high into the air or experience the drop of your life on the Sling Shot. Bring the whole family to 3rd Ave S and Ocean Blvd for the time of their life.

Myrtle Waves Water Park
Rush down at 50 feet per second on the Turbo Twisters or fly into the air on the Riptide Rockets or fly through the dark twists and turns of the Night Flight. These are just a couple of the thrilling slides at Myrtle Waves Water Park. Get your share of water and fun at South Carolina’s largest water park located on highway 17 across from Broadway at the Beach.

Jetpack Adventures
Want to fly above the water? At Jetpack Adventures you can do just that. Strap on a jetpack and shoot out of the water and into the sky for the ultimate thrill. No need to have any experience, you will have a qualified instructor with you at all times. So experience the exhilaration and weightlessness of flying! Jetpack Adventures is 2915 (29th Ave S) Ocean Blvd, beside Damon’s Oceanfront Restaurant.

Zipline Adventures
Zip 600ft in the air at speeds up to 40 mph then free fall from a 60-foot tower for this beachside adventure. Race against others with the 6 side-by-side ziplines for guaranteed fun. Zipline Adventures is located on 9th Ave S by the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

Myrtle Beach Water Sports
Ride through the surf on a banana boat then soar high above the ocean as you get 360 degree views of Myrtle Beach. Fly with a friend or two and enjoy this relaxing ride. Parasailing combines thrills of acceleration and altitude as you sit back and take in the breathtaking views. Bounce around on the banana boat as it takes you to the parasailing boat, and jump through the surf and experience the thrill of a jetski with a little more padding. Myrtle Beach Water Sports is located on 4th Ave S, past Family Kingdom.

With so many choices, you are sure to find the thrill that is right for you and your family.