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Myrtle Beach Eats: Top Delis & Sandwich Shops


There’s nothing quite like a great sandwich. Simple yet complex, a sandwich can be anything you desire. If you are seeking the top spot in Myrtle Beach to grab a hoagie or philly cheesesteak than look no farther!


Enjoy our rundown of Myrtle Beach’s Top Delis & Sandwich Shops:


Primo’s Hoagies | 2701 North King’s Highway | (843) 232-7086

A relative newbie to the Myrtle Beach deli lineup, Primo’s is quickly becoming a favorite among visitors and locals alike. Primo’s Hoagies has several locations throughout the Northeast but decided to branch out last summer and open up a location right here in Myrtle Beach. Unique, high quality ingredients are what set this hoagie shop apart from the rest. There are several hoagie varieties to choose from, including “The Diablos” which offer a spicy kick, a healthy choice menu, and meatless delights. Primo’s also offers low carb wraps and whole wheat wraps as an option. Call (843) 232-7086 for more information.


Dagwood’s Deli | 400 11th Avenue North | (843) 448-0100

Heaping portions and a friendly, casual atmosphere are just a few reasons why we love this local deli staple. Dagwood’s Deli has been serving the Grand Strand for more than 25 years and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The generous menu includes classic deli sandwiches, specialty sandwiches (shout out to the “Dagwood’s Dipper” – a customer favorite), various cheesesteaks, signature reubens, and more. If you are in town during the week be sure to stop by on a Wednesday for “free cookie day”. Call (843) 448-0100 for more information.


Which Wich | 181 Brookton Circle | (843) 691-9128 

Customization is king at Which Wich and is a favorite among lovers of the “everything but the kitchen sink” sandwich variety.  A nice change to the traditional chalkboard menu ordering system, guests at this noon-traditional sandwich shop start by selecting a “bag” which describes the main protein for the meal. Guests then customize the type of vehicle they would like (white or wheat bread, a “lettucewhich” or a “bowlwich”), whether they want it hot or cold, and then what toppings they’d like. The toppings are where things get really fun. In addition to the usual suspects, guests can enjoy options like crispy fried onion strings, avocado, hummus, olive salad, candied walnuts, sliced egg, and bacon – to name a few. Call (843) 691-9128 for more information.


Kaminsky’s New York Deli | 7223 North King’s Highway | (843) 213-1262

Authentic New York style subs are what Kaminsky’s Deli does best and it’s not hard to figure out why! The owners, Mike and Eva, hail from Long Island and have New York style sandwiches engrained in their very being. The menu is simple and offers a variety of cold deli sandwiches like salami, pastrami, corned beef, and boiled ham – to name a few, as well as several specialty sandwich options like a classic reuben or the “Little Italy”.  High quality ingredients and fast, friendly service keep this local deli thriving. Call (843) 213-1262 for more information.


Manny’s Deli | 1701 South King’s Highway | (843) 946-6817

Craving a succulent sub? Can you almost taste the fresh meats and toppings galore? Manny’s Deli to the rescue! This New York style deli is known for fresh specialty subs, offered as a 6 inch sub, 12 inch sub, or wrap. Specialty sub options include “The Godfather”, an Italian style favorite, “Tuna Tango” with homemade tuna salad, and “Corned Beef Sub”. If you are looking for something a little different, try one of the grilled / hot sub specialties like the grilled pork loin sub, hot turkey and gravy sub, or buffalo chicken sub. There really is SUB-thing for everyone at Manny’s Deli! Call (843) 946-6817 for more information.


Where is your favorite place in Myrtle Beach to enjoy a decadent deli sandwich? Let us know!